Sunday, October 19, 2003

Lipstick Personality

One look at her lipstick tube can tell you volumes,. How
can this be? I ask myself. Eight distinct types
Of women, each one clearly
Different from the rest. A sort of lipstick test........

Tube types, flat top, sharp angles both sides
Sharp angles, but curved tip, rounded, smooth tip
where it touches the lip....

This certainly indicated a need for closer inspection
And served much fodder for conversation.
Women with flat top tubes
(not to be confused with tube tops)
are to the point, very moral, conservative, and
very dependable
Those with rounded smooth tips
Are generous, easy going peacemakers
And even tempered. I study my lipstick tube
And read the chart.
Sharp angled, curved tip, I smile and bite my lip.
It reads: creative, enthusiastic, talkative, helpful
And energetic. I read further and think,
This is fun.
It also says I love attention
Fall in love easily and need a schedule
But really dislike one. Those with a rounded tip to a point
Are exaggerators a bit stubborn
Give orders easily and are domestic.
Sharp angled tips reveal opinionated
High spirited, outgoing argumentative
There was also flat top concave
Such women are complex,
Exciting, inquisitive adventurous and
make great detectives.
I think to myself.... So much revelation
From a little lump of color.

Copyright 2003 by Phyllis Johnson.
All rights reserved.
Reproduced by Poetry 360 with permission of the author.

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