Monday, September 01, 2003

Submission Guidelines

Submssions to Poetry 360 are welcome from all writers. Please submit as per these guidelines.

  • Submissions accepted by email only.

  • Submit only one poem per email.

  • No more than 1 submission per week per poet.

  • No attachments; submit poem as text within the body of the email.

  • Send email submissions to

  • Please use upper and lower case letters as you would like the poem to appear in print. SCREAMING IS USUALLY NOT WHAT POETS DO. more likely we write in all lower case like cummings.

  • Place "Poetry 360" in the subject line of the email.

  • Poetry 360 publishes no more than 1 poem per day.

  • Poet maintains copyright for all poems published at Poetry 360. Poet reserves all rights.

  • Poets receive no remuneration for poems published at Poetry 360.

  • I'm looking for accessible & understandable poems... not light, but something I'm willing to read and share.
Poetry 360 is a publication of Crawford Bay Press, an imprint of Fountain Rock Enterprises.

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