Thursday, November 27, 2003

Parallel Roads

They meet and fall in love. It is in their plan to enjoy each other, to work diligently to expand their horizons and, to minimize disagreements.

A love relationship is cemented by a promise to love, honor and obey before GOD and man. Still, it is the actions and inter-reactions among two separate beings that signal the success or failure of that union.

Before marriage, two people travel through life on their pathway. Rarely does one person rely upon the other for reasons beyond social amenities and amorous enchantments.

Few couples really prepare for the step they take. Most think that a union brings forth a oneness with both persons occupying the same space, or stated another way, the same road; But, this is not only impractical, it is by nature and the laws of science, impossible.

When people marry, they travel a road that, under constant attention and concern causes both roads to run parallel through life.

As most roads are, there will be bumps and patches and temporary detours;but, most likely when one road has bumps, the other road is free of such;the fact that both persons share a common destination should guarantee a positive and happy ending.

Still, without a constant comparison of where both persons are on their road of life, with respect to each other and their common goal, simple changes in direction or speed will go unnoticed.

Timely changes in direction or speed causes virtually no alarm. But, left to chance, the distance between roads and resulting conflicts increase in scope until all reference to the goal is gone and the relationship is no more.

There can never be a single road for two unique individuals. Each have their own personality, each contributes at a different rate and responds to specialized drives.

Because a marriage is a union of two people, it takes both to constantly travel the parallel roads of life -- together.

Copyright 1980-2003 by Charles B. Whitehurst, Sr.
All rights reserved.
Reproduced by Poetry 360 with permission of the author.

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