Monday, December 15, 2003

A Man And His Time

A man walks the Earth
  Through all of his days,
Touching so many lives
  In so different ways...
No one may govern
  What he does with his life,
Only he may cope
  With his trouble and strife..
He begins as a child
  Until life makes him grow,
He'll live through experiences
  Sometimes high, sometimes low...
Upon maturity he finds
  The Earth's not his kingdom,
He bows to authority  Accepts the government's wisdom...
Through mid-life he'll ride
  With all of its woes,
He lives life for today
  As it comes, as it goes...
Time will pass quickly
  His stiffness sets in,
He is always aware
  Of the slowness within...
Each day is now golden
  He will fight to survive,
He will fight to live on
  For each day he will strive!
For slowly, so slowly
  His days on Earth end,
But his time is not over
  He is remembered by friends...
Though he may now be gone
  To those close he's still near,
He walks among all of us
  We all hold him near...
For him, life is over
  He's outwelcomed his stay,
For us, life goes on
  We all live, day by day...

Copyright 1987 by Shawn P. Madison.
All rights reserved.
Reproduced by Poetry 360 with permission of the author.

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