Sunday, June 06, 2004

Accept Me As You Find Me

Accept me as you find me –
Do not try to make me over.
Don't try to create or destroy anything about me.
I have lived with me longer that I have with you.
I am satisfied with me.

I can change –
But it must be because I want to change.
I have no problem with me now,
And I have no problem with you maintaining
Yourself as you are.

You can create an awareness –
And, you can create an atmosphere
In which I may develop and become
Better able to meet your needs;
To be better able to understand my shortcomings,
And to better utilize gifts I may possess.

You cannot carry my load.
But, you can share your knowledge
And your understanding in areas where I might not be capable, in roles where I may not be so readily equipped;
And you can challenge me to go far beyond my means.

It is important that you not try
To make me anything but what I am,
What I want to be, or what I am capable of becoming.
Before you, I was me.
Please let me stay, as I want to be.

Copyright 1980-2003 by Charles B. Whitehurst, Sr..
All rights reserved.
Reproduced by Poetry 360 with permission of the author.


Sebafirul said...

yeeeessssssssssssssss !

through the relationships I am looking to amplify myself as I already am..
unfortunately, running this way, I still do not have a stable relation

may it be because many of them cofuse it with self-pride or self-arrogance ?!

Accept me as you find me = definition of love :D

I understand and like your poetry

Krisxan said...

May I use this in a school project? I am putting together a compilation on Poetry.